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... Supplier of consumables for BS, EN and ISO tests. SDC Enterprises are the trusted manufacturers of premium quality colour fastness consumables for use in BS, EN, and ISO test procedures. Our products are specified for use by major retailers for the quality and assurance they provide them and are considered the worldwide industry standard. SDC for all you colour fastness testing consumables. ? Multifibre DW ? Standard Adjacent fabric ? Standard Reference Detergents ? Testing Chemicals ? Martindale Test ? Grey Scales ? Assessment Aids and Testing Equipment SDCEnterprises Limited Unit 29, Pitcliffe Way, Upper Castle Street, Bradford, BD5 7SG, UK Tel: + 44 ( 0) 1274 750160 Fax: + 44 ( 0) 1274 750162 sales@ sdcenterprises. co. uk www. sdcenterprises. co. uk ® ENTERPRISES LIMITED

23 Eco- Textile Labelling Guide 2010 Dutch- based Control Union Certifications, formerly Skal International, is part of the Control Union World Group and is one of the largest certifiers of organic produce in the world. Its certificates are accepted by authorities in nearly every country. Control Union Certifications ( CUC) promotes the proper designation of products which have been cultivated according to organic or sustainable production methods by means of supervising, testing, inspecting, assess ing and certifying them. In a response to growing awareness by both the textile and agricultural industry that social issues matter, Control Union Certifications have developed a certification standard based on " fairly traded" principles as well as relevant conventions from the International Labour Organisation ( ILO). The standard comprises requirements regarding social issues in a broad sense; also environmental and organisational aspects are issues that may affect the circumstances in which people do their work. For this reason they have been included into this standard. It is applicable to many sectors of industry and does not require product- specific substandards for its effective implementation. CUC says it can verify a project against all the above requirements during one inspection. Calculation charges are on daily basis. CUC has also developed the new Global Recycling Standard ( page: 68) to help brands source recycled goods in a transparent way. Organic certifications Control Union Certifications CUC is accredited to carry out inspection and certification services according to: EU organic requirements ( EEC Regulation 834/ 2007) ? 95 - 100% organic USA organic requirementsNational Organic Program ( NOP) of the USDA ? ' 100 percent organic ? ' Organic' ( not less than 95% organic) ? ' Made with Organic ( not less than 70% organic) ? Products with less than 70% organic Japanese organic requirements( JAS notifications) ? 95 - 100% organic GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard) See page 25 Contacts: Control Union Certifications Branch Office Zwolle, P. O. Box 161, 8000 AD Zwolle, The Netherlands. Tel: (+) 31 38 4260100 Fax: (+) 31 38 427 4237040. Email: certification@ controlunion. com Web: http:// certification. controlunion. com Scope of certificationCoveredNot covered Organic ? Genetic modification ? Water effluent ? Air emissions ? Energy consumption ? Worker safety ? Consumer safety ? Social criteria ? RSL/ Chemical residues ? Responsible water use ?